Smidswater font family

Our very own typeface! In 2004, our love of print and typography prompted us to design a font especially for our agency. A font that reflected our ambitions and culture: clean and professional, but, above all, sympathetic and easy on the eye.

We designed a well-balanced font with subtle characteristics. By employing clever details, we produced a font that is effective in very small sizes (mainly due to the large x-height), but also comes across well in larger formats with its beautiful smooth curves.

Once the standard version was established, we felt it was time to expand the font family. Starting with a bold and italics version, we gradually designed a complete typeface with all the relevant variants.

It was a ‘hell of a ride’, but how we enjoyed it and learned from the experience! In the beginning, our intention was that the typeface would be used exclusively by Smidswater. But the time has come to share it with the rest of the world. It is now available online and anyone who would like to use our typeface can download it free of charge.

We are very curious to hear your reactions, so please let us know what you think!

Paulus Nabbe and Onno Bevoort